Make an advent jar


Obviously we always have time for chocolate at Shenanigans HQ, but our favourite advent tradition is this crafty advent jar. Not only is it easier on the teeth but it's a great opportunity to keep the kids entertained for the whole month and keeping kids entertained is what we're all about.

This is what’s in our jar. A mix of fun, craft and giving activities

  • Make and decorate sugar biscuits

  • Play charades

  • Donate a toy to charity

  • Make paper chains

  • Name all of Santa’s reindeers

  • Make Christmas cards

  • Write a letter to Santa

  • Decorate a Christmas stocking

  • Make as many words as you can out of "Merry Christmas"

  • Make paper snowflakes

  • Make up your own Christmas carol

  • Do something kind for someone

  • Make mince pies

  • Watch a Christmas movie

  • Make a fairy for the top of the tree

  • Go and look at Christmas lights

  • Design a Christmas jumper

  • Dance to your favourite Christmas song

  • Sing a Christmas carol

  • Make some holly with card and beads

  • Design your own wrapping paper

  • Make a Santa beard out of cotton wool and wear it all day

  • Read a Christmas book

  • Make hot chocolate

  • Take a family Christmas photo

Nick Smith